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Walk and Talk Therapy and Coaching:

“De-stress, Unwind, Leave the Office Behind”

A 2005 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that exercise increases the growth of neuronal brain cells, possibly elevating mood permanently.

Advocates of the combined approach say that being active during the session helps patients to relax and open up, and some patients say they find it easier to talk while looking forward and walking, rather than staring the therapist in the eye.

Walk and Talk therapy and coaching combing walks in Worcestershire amongst  beautiful countryside and riverside locations including the Worcestershire Way and The Malverns.

Hourly walk and talk sessions for busy professionals including lunch times and after work: .
Extended sessions and half and full day walk and talk for individuals and groups with beautiful scenic pub stops serving amazing food, by arrangement.

Who is this for?

People who seek Walk and Talk therapy coaching usually have busy lives and spend a great deal of it indoors. They want the benefits of life coaching but need to get fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

It’s for anyone who might be experiencing the following:

  • Business professional considering executive coaching but wants this away from a typical office environment.
  • Experiencing symptoms of stress and feeling overwhelmed and could benefit from combining life coaching with walking fitness to help to calm down those feelings.
  • Chaotic thinking and anxiety where no task ever seems to get finished and would benefit from mindfulness and walking in the fresh air to help clear their heads. (please see section on mindfulness for full details)
  • Spending most of your days indoors and would benefit from and enjoy walking in nature.
  • Considering how to become healthy and how walking exercise combined with life coaching could “get the ball rolling”
  • Off work with stress and would benefit from some relaxed, informal open air life coaching.
  • If you are looking for walks around Worcestershire but like the idea of combining this with walk and talk therapy.
  • You are concerned about your use of alcohol and stress, you think you are drinking too much and would like to start to address this.
  • Needing time out to explore your lack of work/life balance in a calming and natural environment.
  • Considering life coaching to deal with some big changes such as retirement or redundancy, and want to combine this with the health benefits of walking.
  • Considering careers coaching and would like to explore all your options and get the maximum creative thinking opportunity via walk and talk.
  • Considering life coaching to explore new opportunities and would like to combine this with the benefits of walking and being outdoors.

How can I benefit?

  • Combining life coaching with walking not only helps you achieve your goals but helps you exercise at the same time – and is better than the gym! How walking helps you lose weight is really encouraging because it is a cardiovascular exercise and is just as effective as jogging, but kinder to your joints. It is also much more sustainable long term than any other form of exercise.
  • There are advocates of the combined walk and talk approach who say that being active during the session helps clients to relax and open up. Some find that looking forward and walking, rather than staring the Coach in the eye, helps them talk more openly.
  • Walk and Talk helps with interpersonal communication skills also outside of the session.
  • Removing yourself from the constant interruptions of work, thinking becomes illuminated. This is where the greatest potential for change happens. Walk and talk is healing in nature which helps release endorphins and other feel good hormones.
  • There is a growing interest in what is described as “green mental health” and ecotherapies. Going for a walk surrounded by nature, is shown to help with depression and mental wellbeing according to Mind, a leading UK mental health charity.
  • Evidence suggests that green mental health techniques are very effective in overcoming “the blues” and re-energizing us.
  • Great for overcoming stress and breathing more efficiently and calmly.
  • This is one of the few Worcester fitness techniques and coaching that combines mental and physical well-being.
  • It includes exercises for right brain via mindfulness and walk and talk to help creativity in thinking.
  • Helps you explore new scenic wonders, quiet lanes and towpaths on your doorstep and walks in Worcestershire further afield that you may have previously been too busy to explore or notice.
  • Helps you gain a new or more positive perspective and can be incorporated as an at work exercise also helping you to stretch your back and release muscle tension.
  • Great for groups and team building, to reconnect joined up thinking and cohesion and for unique days out in Worcestershire.
  • Being in the fresh air helps you get unstuck when confronting difficult issues.
  • A 2005 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that exercise increases the growth of neuronal brain cells, possibly elevating mood permanently.
  • People instinctively turn to outdoor and nature-loving activities as a way of relaxing and enhancing their mental well-being. Healing in nature combined with mindfulness can aid in facilitating self-awareness and self esteem and promoting healing. For many the outdoors is a source of inspiration, solace, guidance and regeneration.

What's included?

There are a number of options available dependent upon your time available and your requirements:

  • All walk and talk therapy and coaching combines mindfulness techniques to help you really connect with your experience.(Please see the section on mindfulness for more details)
  • Regular walk and talk therapy & coaching along the river Severn and other scenic routes, in the heart of Worcester city centre for busy professionals.
  • Can also be included as part of your walking holiday or day out in Worcestershire.
  • Taking time to sit and reflect on some of the things we have talked about in our sessions . This is the beautiful and historic gardens of Worcestershire Cathedral.
  • More time? For individuals and small groups
  • .
  • Longer walks in Worcestershire including the Malverns and the Worcestershire Way in beautiful countryside.
  • Walk and talk opportunities available on a flexible basis. Weekends, week days by arrangement.
  • Women’s empowerment walk and talk groups now running. Please enquire.
  • Why not include this as part of your walking holiday or if you visit Worcestershire?
  • Gift Vouchers: Could this be a unique gift idea for someone you know?
  • Struggling for wedding gift ideas? Walk and Talk days with the new happy couple help them really explore what is important to them and their future life together. Boxed and gift wrapped with hand written card.
  • Unique gift ideas for her: Running out of ideas for a special birthday/event? Why not treat this special woman to something different that will really have an impact on her life ?

Please contact me to discuss your arrangements

“Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.”
Eddie Ca