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The benefits of meditation research and scientific meditation highlight the health benefits of meditation conclusively. This research shows how the structure of the brain can actually be altered, particularly the part of the brain that deals with emotions and stress. Therefore, meditation can help us improve our response to stress, pain and negative emotions. In fact, meditation can improve every aspect of our physical and emotional health and is one of the one of the most cost effective ways of healing and preventing serious illness – no wonder the NHS are interested! And no wonder many individuals like you are now seeking alternative relaxation techniques for anxiety such as meditation training and mindfulness courses. .

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

So what is Mindfulness Meditation? Meditation is not just about relaxation. Although there is no doubt that practicing meditation regularly has huge benefits in terms of work/life balance, teaching us how to cope with stress, and providing relaxation techniques for anxiety. It is so much more...................If you learn to meditate, you quieten the mind, body and soul. You learn to be still and it promotes self acceptance and self awareness. This quote by Jonathan Haidt sums up meditation for me........................

“Suppose you read about a pill that you could take once a day to reduce anxiety and increase your contentment. Would you take it? Suppose further that the pill has a great variety of side effects, all of them good: increased self-esteem, empathy, and trust; it even improves memory. Suppose, finally, that the pill is all natural and costs nothing. Now would you take it? The pill exists. It is meditation.” (The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonanthan Haidt)

Mindfulness, in plain English focuses more on becoming aware, being present and observing non- judgementally. By becoming more mindful, we become more connected not only with ourselves but with others around us. Regular meditation practice can enable us to become more mindful & contented in our everyday lives.

My Meditation Classes and Mindfulness courses – Meditation Worcester, Meditation Malvern.

My meditation for beginners courses , are aimed at everyday people who want to know how to learn meditation in the modern world. But more importantly, how to meditate properly. You do not have to be religious or even particularly spiritual – you just need a desire and curiosity to approach life’s challenges in a different way and lead a calmer more contented life.

All my meditation classes and mindfulness courses are friendly, gentle and inclusive to everyone. Meditation in Worcester and Meditation in Malvern are held at various locations and times and include the following.

  • 6 week introductory course - meditation techniques for beginners
  • Day time meditation classes, mindfulness exercises
  • Evening meditation classes & mindfulness.
  • One to one tuition
  • Mindful walking & meditation.
  • Women’s Wellbeing days
  • Meditation weekend
  • Meditation Groups
  • Classes include: deep breathing, guided meditation, insight meditation, healing meditation, zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, gentle visualisations and many more. Taken from a variety of meditation disciplines in an environment of relaxing meditation music, you will discover which type of meditation is for you and you will have a clearer idea of how you can develop your own practice.

    There is no chanting or “omming” and these classes are suitable for anyone of any age,ability, background or experience. However, in a very small minority of cases, there are contraindications for those on certain medications or with specific medical conditions so please discuss with me first.

    For those who don’t like groups or have limited time/flexibility – one to one mindfulness meditation teaching available.