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How can Life Coaching help me?

Life Coaching is different to any other kind of support or therapy.   It’s not counselling because Life Coaches believe that the client is the expert of their own lives.  Life Coaches help you unlock the answers for yourself and this can have a massive impact on your motivation to start changing your lifestyle and choices. This is particularly beneficial when combined with a walking coach.

Life Coaching recognises how negative core beliefs can effect us.  However, maybe you have already spent enough time dwelling on the past and feel a bit stuck with it?  Our experiences are the only thing we can’t change – everything else we can change for the better.   Life coaches believe your future is bright and it’s all about taking action. In turn, you discover how to be happier and confident within yourself and this can be achieved more effectively in natural open spaces.

Life coaching will show you that you can move forward and achieve the success in the things that will have the greatest impact on your life.  It can help you to become more successful when planning for your career, and have a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  Life coaching combined with walking can help with every aspect of your life but more importantly, you will have a sense of purpose that also brings with it humour and laughter.

Life Coaching can help you do this quickerand easier than you would have on your own with the greatest results for long lasting change for confidence in yourself and others.

Please contact me to discuss your arrangements