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Anger management

Anger management course - This is a practical but also thought provoking 1 day intensive course. It provides a safe, motivating space for participants to express their feelings and identify realistic and long lasting strategies to deal with the anger, frustrations and generally the stress of life!

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who:

  • Wants to try an anger management course but would like to combine it with some time for themselves and relaxation.
  • Have experienced relationship breakdown or problems as a direct result of anger problems and would like to learn anger management techniques to address anger issues and promote healthy relationships.
  • Have lost their temper at work with colleagues and could benefit from learning how to control their anger to prevent further repercussions.
  • Who would like to learn how to deal with anger more appropriately so that they can feel more in control of their emotions and lives.
  • Need to explore their triggers to anger, how it manifests itself and their own cycle of anger.
  • Really want to be happier and develop a more positive and contented approach to life in general and not allow things to wind them up so easily.
  • Would like to explore a healthier lifestyle as a means of managing their mood more effectively and controlling anger.
  • Want to learn anger management techniques to help them express anger in healthy and assertive ways.
  • Internalise their anger but build up resentment towards others and want to be able to express their anger in a healthy way.
  • Explode on occasions with very little warning and would benefit from dealing with anger more appropriately.
  • Find it difficult to say no to anything which makes them feel frustrated, undervalued and angry.
  • Are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety in today’s worrying climate. They would like to explore ways of dealing with anxiety before it turns to anger and gets out of control.
  • For employers who deal with employee’s stress and anger in the workplace.


People who have completed anger management courses in the past have highlighted the following benefits:

  • A clearer sense of why certain triggers frustrate and anger you.
  • Learnt a number of practical and emotional techniques to help cool down angry thoughts and reduce potential for angry outbursts
  • Learnt healthy ways of expressing anger or frustration by developing a range of techniques including: stress management, assertive training, mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Benefitted from learning a unique traffic light system to help anticipate when you are reaching boiling point and what to do about it.
  • Understanding the benefits of developing a more contented view of life and in turn dealing with your anger.
  • Improved relationships because people will be clearer about how you will react to situations and begin to trust you more.
  • Ability to express feelings and emotions and verbalise your frustrations rather than react angrily.
  • Become more active rather than passive or reactive to anger which avoids letting negative feelings fester.

What’s Included?

Overall aim of the course is to enable participants to identify strategies and techniques that will help them to manage both physical and emotional anger(thoughts, feelings and behaviour) and have a greater understanding of their own cycle of anger and triggers.

  • Learning mindfulness and relaxation breathing and techniques
  • Completion of your own anger and frustration profile
  • Unique traffic lights exercise to anticipate “boiling point”
  • A range of cognitive behavioural exercises to address thinking, feelings, physical changes and behaviour
  • Exercises to increase understanding of the link between stress, fear and anger and techniques to address these.
  • Learning muscle relaxation.
  • Techniques included are: cognitive behavioural group-work techniques, life coaching, mindfulness and nlp.
  • Assertive skills practice to develop healthy ways of expressing anger and frustration Be aware of own cycle of anger and triggers to anger
  • Increase understanding of link between irrational thinking(hot thoughts)and reactive response
  • An awareness of how to take control of negative thinking and become more active rather than reactive
  • To build up a personal toolkit of ideas and strategies both practical and emotional that will support and benefit themselves and others with their anger in the future.

How Will Life Coaching help me with my anger?

  • Coaching is different to any other kind of support or therapy. It’s not counselling because Coaches believe that the client is the expert of their own lives and often, people who struggle with their anger feel out of control so this surprises them. Coaches help you unlock the answers for yourself and this can have a massive impact on your motivation to start changing your lifestyle and choices. Remember, anger is a healthy emotion – how you express it is a choice. Life coaching can help you to make the choice to express it in a more healthy way.
  • Coaching recognises how negative beliefs from the past can effect us. However, the beauty of coaching is that it doesn’t dwell on it. It is truly future focused and action orientated. Coaching propels you forward by motivating you to take action with small steps towards greater physical and emotional health, rather than be stuck with the past or procrastination. In turn, this has a really positive impact on your inner confidence too and also helps you to develop a more contented view of life, thus reducing what triggers your anger in the first place.
  • Coaching will show you that you can move forward and achieve the success in the things that will have the greatest impact on your life. Coaching can help you to become more successful in your career, relationships and every aspect of your life but more importantly, it can help you connect with life in such a way, that you have a greater sense of purpose and contentment. Coaching can help you do this quicker and easier than you would have on your own with the greatest results for long lasting change.

Please contact me to discuss your arrangements